I have to say that this is my most ambitious and difficult project to date — using one of Scott’s old shirts to make a dress for Ella. The idea of “refashioning”, or making something new from something old, is intriguing and this was the project that made the most sense for a first try.  It made me a touch nervous, but with an excellent tutorial to follow, it worked!  As long as no one looks too closely at my (sometimes) hideous stitching, all will be well.  Thankfully, there are lots of gathers to hide most of the problem areas.

Probably the most daunting part of this project was the very beginning — creating my own pattern.  WHAT??  I’ve made patterns before — patterns of rectangles, that is.  But a little girls’ dress?  Wow.  So I just guessed and went for it.  Miraculously, it fit, largely thanks to the fact that the tutorial was designed for a “skinny three-year-old”.  Perfect!  It was still a challenge for me, but better than totally winging it.  Aside from making my own pattern, I have never sewn casings (such as the one for the neckline) and have never made an article of clothing more complicated than shapeless pajama pants.

I let Ella (mostly) choose the pink for the band around the middle.  She chose sparkly pink, and must say it works rather well with the masculine stripes.  The buttons were changed from the boring originals to sweet little flowers.  Part of me is contemplating adding an appliqued heart somewhere (using this awesome technique), but we’ll see if I actually get to it.

I have plans to make another — this one was, after all, a prototype.  Maybe I’ll think to do before and after pictures of the next one… and be more careful of my stitching.  I also need to figure out how to make the hem straighter.  For now, I will enjoy my girl wearing her “fairy dress made from Daddy’s old shirt”. ( :