Marathon over.  That is my first thought.  My second thought is that my ADHD tendencies do not end at house cleaning, studying or “helping” Scott make grocery lists.  I had great intentions when starting 4 of these at once, but really… I need to pace myself next time.  They are not difficult, but my need to move on set in a tad too early.

So.  Onto the dolls.  I saw the tutorial for Black Apple Dolls a while back and flagged it immediately.  The plan was to make just one for the daughter of a friend of ours.  Of course, once Ella saw it, she  *needed* one, too.  Then, shockingly, Benjamin saw it, got a big smile on his face and grabbed for it.  And another one was just waiting to be made.  Four it was.  May as well have a party.

Customizing them was fun.  The pattern is super simplistic, so details easily make each one just a bit more unique.  My favorite parts are the blue felt flower on one of the girls and pretty much everything about “Gus”.  Stress was mostly limited to keeping their limbs in the proper place while sewing them together.  It was not uncommon for an arm to migrate to the neck (Gus) or a leg to move waaay over to the side (Little Brown Girl).  You will notice that Belle’s arms are totally uneven.  Oh well.  I’m banking on Ella not caring.  And another note… the arms and legs as shown in the tutorial were way too skinny for my liking, so I made the arms the size of the original legs and made the leg pattern much bigger than that.  I could hardly turn and stuff the originals.

Ella named this one Mia.

This one is Ella's. After much debate, she agreed to name her something other than "Ella". Her name is Belle. Shocking.

This one is for a friends' daughter. Ella has not named her as of yet.

Cowboy Gus. What can I say about good ol' Gus? I love how he turned out... his freckles, the gold stitching and little fly on his "jeans". You can't see the part in his hair ... and I was going to add a cowlick, but forgot until I finished sewing him up. Sorry, little buddy.

So, after I move on for a bit, these will surely begin popping up here and there as gifts for special little someones.  I have ideas in mind, but need to try some other things first… and then do one doll at a time in the future so I don’t get so antsy.  But really, can you argue with the looks on the faces of satisfied customers??

Benjamin and Gus. Yes, I made my son a doll. Deal.

Ella and Belle. "Shhhh, Mommy. She's sleeping!"