I don’t know what sound a dump truck makes… but I know a dump truck is noisy, dirty and cool.  Therefore, I knew that Benjamin had to have a dump truck shirt.

This shirt has been in my mind for a while now, just waiting to become reality.  In fact, it has been there just long enough that it was thought up during another era for the Francis family.  The era where white shirts were not a horrific idea.  Oops.  Ah well, live and learn.

I designed the applique, purchased the necessary colors of knit fabric, cut them out, stuck them in place with some fusible web and hand-sewed the edges.  I like the idea of knit because you can let the edges be free a bit and they will not fray.  It makes it look more… boyish.  And a dump truck needs to be boyish at the very least.

While I cannot argue that this physique is worth being shown off,

laws of common decency and those of maintaing custody of  one’s children dictate that Benjamin should probably wear a shirt most of the time, especially in Michigan.  So here we are: a shirt that is great for wearing while taking those first rugged steps,

and, of course, playing with toy cars and watching the world go by.  We’ll see how long it is recognizable as having once been a white shirt. ( ;