It is a superb day outside… sunny… breezy… warm.  The kids have been so lovely and are finishing up nice, long naps.  What a perfect day for a quick little project!

As I mentioned in my last post, Ella requested a “heart shirt”.  Luckily, I had a pink t-shirt laying around, just waiting for some attention, so I hauled the kids off to the fabric store for a few supplies this morning, including some squares of fabric and … wait for it… rainbow thread!  It is not much of an exaggeration that I have been waiting to use this thread for my entire life.  The variegated and metallic threads have always caught my eye.  How fortunate that I now have a little girl who also finds them fascinating!

How can you NOT love this?

Here is the “heart shirt”.  Ella chose this fabric, “Because I really like my hearts jammies and this is hearts, too”.  That’s all the reason we need!

This is an attempt to highlight the rainbow stitches. They make my heart smile.

My original plan for the afternoon nap time was to make another little something for Ella, but it turns out that I was a smidge short on fabric.  Boo.  So, back to the store I will go to get more supplies.  Here is a preview of the project.

You may notice Ella's notes on the right side of the paper. She was taking my measurements for a pair of shorts. Apparently, I am 9 inches tall! She was very serious about the whole thing.