This is one of the first tutorials that I spied as I was collecting craft ideas.  I love it.  It is rugged, boy-ish and fun… and just right for a 3-ish year-old boy on the go.

As always, the car caddy tutorial, found at homemade by jill, is thorough and easy to follow.  I left off the piping and the numbers.  The piping was skipped because I just didn’t feel like adding it and the numbers were omitted because I was trying really hard not to be a total copy-cat.  The very sad part … I ironed my velcro!  When pressing the caddy right-side out before top-stitching, I was not paying attention and melted it all into a big, plasticky glob.  Oops.  Now it won’t close up and I am not at all sure what to do about that.  If not for that issue, it would be firmly in the hands of our friends’ little boy this afternoon.