I made my first ruffle tonight.  It was a frustrating experience, and not entirely due to the poor ruffle.  My bobbin ran out of thread as I was sewing (don’t you hate it when that happens?).  Though it ran out when I started “sewing” my ruffle onto the garment, I didn’t notice until I had removed all of my pins and some of my gathering stitches.  I was so distracted with the lovely fluffiness of the ruffle and thinking to myself, “Wow, I think I really love ruffles!  Good thing I have a little girl to sew them for, because I think I may go ruffle-crazy.”  The awareness slowly creept into my brain that something was amok.  Sure enough, no stitches, goofy ruffle.  Stinky.  I re-stitched, re-gathered and sewed.  I have not had the nerve to take a close look yet.  Let’s just say that this project may likely go down in the books as a learning experience only.

Maybe I should have called this blog “Live and Learn”.  Seems to be my new motto.