I have noticed that it is the “in” thing in blogland to have someone else post on your blog or swap blogs for a day.  I am happy to introduce my very first guest poster — Ella!  We will be discussing the craft we did for Mother’s Day and then repeated as a card for a new baby.

This craft is something that has been in my mind in various forms for a while, and we just had a chance to make it.  I was able to cook up the supplies for her in less than 10 minutes (clear contact paper, construction paper, tissue paper, glue and scissors).  I prepared the “frame” with the contact paper behind it, cut the flowers and leaves and let her stick everything together.  It was kind of like a reverse sticker project.  This would be a great craft for all sorts of occasions and we will probably be making more of them.

Here, I will turn things over (interview-style) to my talented craft partner, my 3-y-o daughter, Ella.  ( :

Ella and her craft.

Hi, Ella!  Can you tell me about the flower craft?

“It’s has circles and leaves.  It has sticky on it and it has flowers.”

How do you do the craft?

“This craft is for Baby Evie.  Look what happens.  You stick it like this and your Mommy and Daddy will say, ‘Wow!'”

What was your favorite part of the craft?

Making them stick.

Was this fun to do?

“Um-hmmm.  It’s really fun to do.”

Who else do you think would like to make this craft?

“Abby (her cousin).”

Is there anything else you want to say?

“It’s really beautiful!”

Ella took this picture... she does a great job with the camera.