Yesterday was our first enjoyable summer-like day of the year.  The temperature hit 80 degrees, sheets were hung on the clothesline, I scrubbed down the kiddie pool and Ella began to obsess about lemonade.  She wanted lemonade at lunch, at snacktime and in the pool.  Who was I to argue?

All of that lemonade and still something seemed missing: lemonade for dessert.  I looked up a recipe I had bookmarked a while back for Strawberry Lemonade Bars.  This was the perfect occasion to try them out.

Sorry for the mangled-looking cookie here... perhaps I could have cut a straight line? Probably not... then there is not excuse of "evening it out" when I keep cutting little pieces off later on. ( :

They are very similar to the tried-and-true lemon squares that we all know, but with strawberry puree in addition to the lemon juice and lemon zest.  I recommend enjoying them with some vanilla ice cream.  It balances the tang of the lemon and brings out the strawberry flavor.  Yummy!