This isn’t really crafty, but I guess you could consider it to be creative.  I just did my first few loads of wash with homemade laundry detergent.

I had heard about this a while back but never got around to trying it.  (Probably had something to do with having a newborn in the house at the time.)  But when I was reminded of the recipe a couple of weeks ago, it seemed to be the right time.  It is a simple recipe, using inexpensive ingredients.  Less than $2.00 of supplies (since you only use a touch of two of them… I actually spent about $7.oo on the ingredients, but will use them along the way) should get us about 180 washes in our top-loading machine. The ingredients are Fels-Naptha soap, Borax, Washing Soda and water (I felt super cool and old-fashioned when I asked my Mom isf she had heard of Fels-Naptha and she said, “I remember my Mom talking about it”  Awesome).

Preparation is simple and you end up with 10 gallons worth of detergent.  Other than the Fels-Naptha bar, there is plenty left of the other ingredients for more batches.  I have a feeling these boxes of Borax and Washing Soda will be with us for a long while.  I wonder if someday they will look like the ancient box of Spic and Span my Mother-in-Law has in the vacation home.  I swear it is from 1940.

Once the soap sets, it is nasty and gloppy looking.  It is actually a bit of a challenge to get it neatly into my other container.  Perhaps I’ll invest in a funnel.

I have learned early on that one must shake the contents well before using to blend it together.  So far, I have done a couple of loads and am seeing no problems with it.  The soap is being stored in a 2-gallon beverage dispenser, which is convenient for both the shaking and the dispensing.

Here’s to much less expensive laundry!  And when you have this guy in the house… well… laundry could always be less expensive to do.