I’ll get back to sewing soon, but tonight, I had a mission to make a “fruity” dessert for a belated Mother’s Day celebration with my Mother-in-Law.  My sister-in-law is the chocolate creator… I am the fruity one.  No problem.

Luckily, The Girl Who Ate Everything highlighted a perfect dessert just a short while ago. Strawberry Cream Puff Cake.  What’s not to like?

Not the best picture. Sadly, I did not have the correct size of springform pan and had to use a cake pan instead.

The dessert was pretty easy to make, though I will tell you that the cream puff part made me anxious.  It came out fine, though, and tasted wonderful.  This is a make and eat on the same day dessert for sure, as the cream will flatten and make everything mushy otherwise.  (***  acutally, it is not too bad the next day.  I the interest of science, I hung onto a bit.  I’d still recommend making it a one-day affair)  How sad that we have to scurry and finish our leftovers tonight.  My work is never done. ( ;