Necessity is the mother of… reinventing the wheel? Let’s not kid ourselves, clothespin bags are not a new invention.  But when I could no longer stand the fact that my clothespins have been living like this for the past 5 years or so:

I decided it was time to make a new home for them.  The system consistently led to dropped clothespins, clothespins mixed in with the laundry and random clothespins lying around my house all summer.

While I could have purchased a ready-made bag or likely found a pattern online, I decided to use some of my new sewing skills and whip one up myself.  For the bag, I used a cute little remnant of outdoor fabric that I bought a while back.  My original plan for the hanger was a bit more sophisticated, but I decided to go low-key and grabbed one of those pesky Carter’s hangers that keep showing up from time to time.  For the pattern, I used a Sharpie and some newspaper, following the shape of the hanger as a guide.  The whole thing took under an hour  — a great naptime project!  I am generally happy with the outcome for how quickly I put it together, but may honestly make another one so that the opening isn’t quite so gaping.  It is staring to bug me.

Now my clothespins are in a nicer home, I don’t have to continually bend down and search through damp laundry to find them, and I can just leave them outside all summer.