With much debate, I decided to leave the new bathroom valance as-is for now.  It can always be changed it later, but after enlisting the help of my sister-in-law, who said it looked just fine, I figured I would just live with it for a while and see what happens.

It is so simple, which is nice in such a small space.  It also lets the fabric do the talking.  It took me longer to measure, cut and press the edges than it did to sew it up.  And no, the bottom edge is not as wonky as it looks… just lighting.

As far as style goes, my other options at this point would be to shorten it a couple of inches or do a sort of roman shade thing (technical term).  What you cannot see in the picture is that the colors in the fabric perfectly coordinate with the sage green shower curtain, chocolate brown towels and “chocolate froth” walls.  I love this fabric.  My secret… I forgot to buy thread and didn’t have enough here at home for the project.  So I used a robin’s egg blue bobbin.  It makes me feel all risky.

Can I take a minute to discuss the horrible lighting in my home again?  I waited an extra day, hoping to be able to get a nice picture of the valance.  At no time of day does the lighting work well in that room.  It is nice and bright, but I can’t (even when standing in the shower) get a decent angle to battle the sunlight and get a full shot of the window.  My hope is to someday gain some skill and be better able to manage lighting issues.  There.  I feel better.