This is a big day.  I am posting my very first tutorial!  Woo-hoo!  It is super simple, so I probably shouldn’t pat myself on the back too much… but it is exciting nonetheless.

Since we attended my niece’s dance recital a few weeks ago, Ella has been enamored with the idea of dancing and being on stage.  The other day, we realized that the “hallway” area in the downstairs of our home is a perfect place for a stage.  The floor is hardwood (great for tapping away in dress-up shoes) and there is a bright light there that works well as a spotlight.  Something is missing though.  Isn’t part of the fun of performing coming through the curtain?

I decided to use one of the vintage bed sheets I picked up earlier this week to make a curtain for Ella’s stage.  It was originally to serve another purpose, and I would probably liked to have made the curtain in another color, but the *need* for this curtain was pretty high.

Here are the instructions to make your own doorway stage curtain!

I used the fitted bed sheet and a cafe-style tension rod from Target.  You can find them in the aisle with the curtains.  Mine cost about $5.00.

First, measure the doorway you want to use.  Ours is 30 inches, and I wanted the curtain to billow a touch, so I figured on a width of 45 inches.  Adding for hemming on 3 of the 4 curtain sides (one is already finished because you will use the original sheet edge), I added 1 1/2 more inches.  So… 46 1/2 inches total. (I actually made it a little bigger because I get nervous about making mistakes.)  Cut the rectangles, being sure to keep the top, finished edge of the sheet.  This will be the bottom of your curtain and will save you some ironing and hemming.

Next, decide on how long you want the curtains to be.  I figured 5 feet was enough for my kids who are 3 and 1.  So I cut a rectangle from the sheet that measured 46 1/2 (ish) inches by 60 inches.  Once your rectangle is cut, cut it in half lengthwise to make 2 rectangles.

Now the edges needed to be finished.  One edge at a time, iron one crease 1/4 inch wide, then fold about another 1/4 inch and iron again.

Once the ironing is finished, hem right up the sides, making sure to catch the edges well.

Time to make the pocket for the tension rod.  Using the unfinished edge, fold down 1/4 inch and iron a crease.  Then, using your rod as a guide, make another fold and iron again.  My tension rod was 1/2 inch wide, so I folded down 3/4 inches.  Once your creases are ironed in, sew a seam, making sure to catch the first folded edge well.

Slip the curtains onto the tension rod, place it in the doorway (perhaps less crooked than I did) and let the fun begin!  They are ready for your little star…

Or maybe a little brother. (  :

If this ends up being a long-term hit with my kids, I will likely make a more durable and colorful one later on… maybe deep red with some glittery stars on it.  It could easily be made with heavier material paired with a stronger tension rod.