Let me start by saying I am NOT attempting to rip off The Pioneer Woman.  I am simply distracted.   I think she would understand, and perhaps, seeing as how her life is WAY more complicated than mine (what with homeschooling 5 kids, living on a ranch and writing cookbooks and all),  she may even be able to relate.  So… this is HER recipe.  The change in name is due to the change in ingredients that I made due to the aforementioned tendency to be distracted.

Now onto my post.  I have just discovered The Pioneer Woman’s site.  I know.  I have clearly been under a cyber rock.  I am out, the light has been seen, recipes are bookmarked.  On Monday, she posted a recipe for Malted Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies (I’ll let you link up for the recipe).  Any time I see the words “malted” and “milk” together, I get pretty excited.  There are a few flavors in this world that I prefer to be very bold and one of them is malted milk.  Until my friend Kim (holla!) introduced me to a vanilla malt in high school, I had always just wondered what they were.  Maybe that is why I like the taste to be so bold… making up for lost time.  I like my vanilla (not chocolate) malts crunchy.  More powder than ice cream… almost.

Anyway, once I saw the recipe, I knew it was meant to be.  Our friend Pioneer Woman even suggested making the cookies into ice cream sandwiches.  Sign me up.   Due to such rude circumstances as having to work and otherwise be a responsible adult, it has taken me until this very second to be smelling those cookies baking.  They smell wonderful.

Now for the accidental modifications.  I have two kids.  They are young and they are not overly thrilled with the grocery store.  They will go, but they don’t really like to sit quietly and take in the scenery, so there is always some sort of mishap.  Today, I chose to really live on the edge and go sans list.  Again… I know.  I did really well, actually, considering the fact that I also did not plan the trip.  What I did not realize until it was too late is that a) not only does chocolate malted milk powder exist, but I had purchased some — drat! and b) the recipe called for milk chocolate chips and that even though I spied them first, I passed them up for the typical semi-sweet chips.  Extra chocolate all around.

So I have a twist on the original recipe.  We’ll call it “modified”, though the modifications were purely accidental.  They taste wonderful… with and without ice cream. If you are looking for a way to pack some more chocolate into your chocolate chip cookies, then this is the recipe for you.  I do wonder, however, what the original ones would taste like.  Guess I’ll have to do a little more baking.