We are all excited about vacation around here.  It has been a long spring, with no chance to sneak away like we usually have.  Add to that the fact that Scott’s last day of school was today and he has been super busy with his own business — power washing — well… we all need to get away.

Ella knows that vacation is nearing but, being three, she does not really understand the difference between two days from now and two weeks from now.  Every morning, she was asking, “Are we going on vacation tomorrow?”  We have a calendar (okay, 2 calendars) in the kitchen, but she needed something a little more kid-friendly.  Hence, the vacation paper chain was born.

I had her start with the most important link first — the last one, which represents the day we leave for vacation.  She decorated it with glitter glue and sequins.  Then, while I was assembling the chain, I had her decorate the next two links — those representing Kidz Kamp at church, which she will be attending right before we leave.

The chain has been hanging on the weekly calendar and every morning, we are both very excited as she tears off the link for that day.  It has helped Ella to grasp the slow, but steady passage of time.  It was 12 links long, but let’s just say that things have been crazy  and taking a picture of the longer chain was not a priority.  I am sure you get the idea, though.