Okay, maybe I shouldn’t sound so enthusiastic about that.  We LOVE vacation… Lake Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes, ice cream and a-ma-zing Reuben sandwiches at “our place” in Traverse City.  Seriously, drop in if you are in town.  This time, we were sans kids, watching the Blue Angels practice over the bay.  *sigh*

Shall I torture you for a moment?

This is why my daughter sobbed uncontrollably when she realized we were coming home.  Poor kid.  She can’t wait to go back, so we have another vacation paper-chain on the calendar now (sequined links indicate special days such as her BFF’s birthday party).

Anyway.  Craftiness.  Since I have tortured both of us now, I will get back to crafting.  Dishcloths are in the works (I know, boring… but I really, really love them!) and I will post as soon as I have all three varieties done.  And as soon as the fabric store stops being a madhouse, I will be sewing.  Here we go!