Remember that flower corsage that I just made?  Well, I mentioned that it needed a home and now it has one.  A modified Spring Tote ala homemade by jill.

This is not the tote that I had in my mind’s eye, but I do believe I love it.  I got daring (for me) and used orange thread as an accent on the straps and topstitching.  You can’t see it, but I also added a box stitch to the straps.  I am rough on bags, it seems, and the straps on my lemon tote are suffering horribly.

Normally, I would have used blue thread to match the flower or hot pink if I was feeling really sassy, but for some reason, I needed to use orange.  The outer fabric is a khaki twill — not for those who have issues with wrinkles.  The inside is a simple cotton with Celtic knot print.  I love Celtic knot-work!

To modify from the original Spring Tote, I shrunk the size, using my wallet as a guide.  I wanted this to be small — just big enough for a few essentials.  It still ended up a touch larger than I wanted, but it will work out.  I also ditched the piping at the last minute and topstitched instead.

For the inside, I added a divider and velcro (with orange thread – yahoo!) to close off one side.  This is due to my iPhone-related neurosis.  I am terrified of breaking that thing, and am trying to keep it all nice and cozy so it doesn’t jump ship on me.  Notice that a certain chubby someone is attempting to snatch open my bag and steal my wallet.  Seems to be a fave “toy” of his.

My only potential regret is the straps… I am not sure if I might like it better if they were just coming out of the top rather than looped the whole way around the bag.  Hmmm… maybe next time I’ll change that up a bit.  Now it is time to take it for a spin!