Benjamin does not like his crib.  He doesn’t like to be contained and really is not a big fan of sleeping.  However, he is still too young for a toddler bed so we are all stuck with a dilemma.  Today, I finally got around to a couple of projects to try and make his crib a more friendly place.

For both projects, I used simple bandanas.  His room is decorated in a cowboy theme (someday I’ll get around to posting about that) and the common thread is bandanas.

The crib bag is an idea that I came up with after remembering a friend of ours saying she used to put a shower-caddy type of basket on her son’s crib when he was little.  She’d set it in there when he was asleep, filled with toys for him to play with when he woke up in the morning.  I always meant to do it for Ella, but she was pretty happy just hanging out with whatever friend she had taken to bed with her.  It is similar to something I had in the corner of my room as a kid to hold my stuffed animals.  Of course, after the fact, when I Googled it, there are a ton of these available… oh well.

I wanted it to be soft, fairly unobtrusive, and appealing to the eye.  The final design is a triangle-shaped pouch that ties into one corner of the crib.

The construction was so simple… I was done with this project in 5 minutes.  I used three red bandanas, folded them in half to make triangles and ironed a crease.  Then I sewed them together into a tee-pee shape, leaving about 7 1/2 inches open at the “bottom” of each seam.  This allowed me to tie the pouch onto the crib.

Benjamin is old enough that he can have things in his crib and he doesn’t move much, so I put it at the foot of the bed.  It ties in three places, but does not have enough structure to it to enable him to climb on it.  It is just big enough to hold a few things for him to discover in the morning.  A book, a ball and some soft blocks.  Nothing that he can’t play with on his own.

I think it’s pretty fun.  The back bandanas could have been trimmed a bit to fit more snugly, but I don’t think it matters much.  If he likes it and it becomes an issue, I’ll fix it later.

And now for the pillowcase.  Benjamin, despite his dislike of sleep, likes to curl up with blankets and pillows and pretend to sleep.  We had a toddler pillow that Ella has abandoned for the use of a Pillow Pet, so I decided to give it a try with Benjamin.  For this, I used two navy bandanas and the pillowcase that came with the pillow.  I laid the bandanas right sides together and pinned the pillowcase on top, with the open edge lined up with one finished edge of the bandanas and pinned them all together.  I cut, adding a 1/4 inch or so on the three unfinished sides, sewed it up, zig-zagged and it was done.  Once again, 5 minutes.  Gotta love it.

Benjamin kissed it and Elmo looks happy.  So far, so good.