I could be writing to explain that absenteeism is one of the main negative effects of a company having workers on the flex shift.  But I am not.  I am writing about my own absenteeism.

You see, the “doctor” and “Mom” parts of me are kind of squashing the “crafty” part right now.  I have a pain in the hindquarters licensing exam to study for (hence the I/O Psych nerdy-ness I just wrote) and a cranky, headstrong, teething toddler.  And my other regular stuff.  So crafting is not happening much.  I need it to be, to keep me from getting all twitchy, but being responsible sometimes has to happen in adulthood.

Balance is not easy to achieve.

Now to hit up my neurophysicist friend for a Brain Stuctures and Their Functions for Dummies website. Good times.