We are on vacation again.  I don’t work much in the summer and am realizing that “vacation” is a relative term.  For me, it means not working my one or two days a week, not having housework staring me in the face all day when I am home and having my husband around every day.  He is a teacher and has the summer off from that, but has a summer business that keeps him busier than we would all like.  Vacation is family time.  And my hand mixer came with us on this trip, so vacation is also baking time.  Yahoo!

What is more quintessential to being “up north” in Michigan in the summer than s’mores?  We always say we are going to make them when we are here, but in reality, we have a one-year-old who pretends not to grasp the word “no” and a three-year-old who thinks that she is 18.  We probably shouldn’t add hot coals into that mix.

So when I came across a recipe for S’mores Bars, I was very excited.  (Pictures were taken with my phone… I cannot currently locate our camera)

As my High School art teacher used to say, “I just want to dive in face-first!”

Are you with me?

I thought this was enticing as well.

Marshmallow Fluff is not my favorite medium, but it all turned out well in the end.  My 3-y-o carried it around the grocery store like she had discovered gold.  The words “marshmallow fluff” have to be a-ma-zing when you are three!

Do you see those peaks there on the top?  They taste exactly like marshmallow roasted over those not-so-kid-friendly coals.

I used regular Hershey bars because that is what the store here had, but I think I would rather use the King Size bars for a little more chocolate.  The crust is super yummy, but can drown out the chocolate.

So… while I quickly become The Girl Who Ate Everything that The Girl Who Ate Everything Posted… Ever… feel free to dive face-first into your own S’mores Bars.  And don’t be surprised if you see another post based on a recent recipe of hers in the very near future.  Any guesses??