When I made the S’mores Cookie Bars, I hinted at another treat I saw on The Girl’s website (we are on an abbreviated name basis now… or so I decided).  Here it is:  Chewy Coconut Lime Sugar Cookies.  Just in time for my birthday!

For the last 5 years, maybe more, I have had lemon cake with vanilla frosting for my birthday.  Since my love affair with limes has only increased in recent months, my Mom will be baking me a lime cake once we are home.   Today, I am feeling unconventional AND I don’t want the better part of a cake staring at me for the next couple of days (let’s face it, I just ate half a pan of S’mores Bars, people), so I am going with cookies this year.

Here is my take on the recipe.  Lime is another one of those flavors that I prefer to be quite bold (along with malt, horseradish and vinegar… mmmmm).  This recipe does have lime in it, but I would probably punch it up a notch next time around.  Perhaps a bit more lime juice.  Dare I say I would even double it?  The lime flavor is subtle in the cookie dough but seems almost nonexistent in the actual cookies.  I also followed what another of The Girl’s readers suggested and added some lime zest to the sugar that the cookies get rolled in.  It adds a bit of flavor and some nice color.  I would do more of that next time, too.

I also did not have access to unsweetened coconut, but used the typical sweetened version and toasted it.  Seemed to work just fine.

As for my own little spin… I made a few into ice cream sandwiches.  I love how lime, coconut and vanilla all blend together.  Very summery.  The cookies are fairly small (think Oreo-sized), so it isn’t too much to add some ice cream.

Overall, this is a good cookie and tastes nearly identical to the sugar cookies we make at Christmas but with a little added flavor.  I will make them again and modify the recipe a bit to see if I can get the limey punch just right.

And, as a side note… since we are in cherry country, we picked up a cherry pie for my birthday celebration.  I love to bake, but I don’t to cherry pie.  Those pits… the mess… no thanks.  So we were off to The Cherry Hut to grab a freshly baked pie.  I swear, it is like stepping into 1950 when you walk in there.  It’s eerie.

If you look carefully into the inferno, you can see that my husband and daughter made the candles into a “J”.  We are very into letters and spelling around here.

Her first cherry pie.  She liked it, but preferred the ice cream.

Aaaah, a very long, very good day.