I am thankful for many things… the most recent being that I have no interest in quilting.  I have no problem with quilts or quilters.  It’s all fine and good.  There seems to be an “I Spy” revolution going on, though.  Everywhere I look, there are blog posts about I Spy squares and swaps and I honestly don’t understand most of it.

The beauty is that there is at least one type of craft that is not clogging up my bookmarks waiting… and waiting to be completed.  I mean, if you know me, the image of me sitting over a quilting board thingy, wielding a rotary cutter in an attempt to make very precise cuts and then sew teensy pieces of material together “just so” is quite laughable.  I am a full-speed ahead sort of crafter.  Which, incidentally, why I have such a close, meaningful relationship with my seam ripper.

And really, how long would it take me to decide on a color scheme, let alone fabric choices for a quilt?  Probably the rest of my life.

Thank goodness for the little things.