While out and about last evening, a woman stopped just long enough to say she loved my  “Jill meets Vanessa” handbag.

“Thank-you, I made it!”

How fun to say that!  And even more fun to hear, “Wow… she made it!” as she walked away.

My wheels turned for about 10 seconds about how I could probably sell them.  But I don’t want to.  I don’t even have time for the fun part of crafting, much less for crafting on demand.

So I will just bask in that one, happy comment for now… and in the fun we had last night at our place.

Fall is coming.  Once I have a schedule again (that does not include going to the beach twice a day… and NO, I am not complaining about that!), crafting is sure to resume.

For now, I think I’ll sit and enjoy the lake breezes a bit.

… ’til later…