There are a lot of changes coming this way.  By “this way”, I mean to my family, not the blog.

I will tell you right now that I am exhausted.  Bear with me.

My oldest is starting preschool 2 days a week.  My super light summer work schedule is ramping up quite a significant amount.  I still have to study for that darned licensing exam.  There will be gymnastics, carpooling, perhaps a class for my little one.  I am joining Gospel Choir at church ( I LOVE Gospel Choir… it was one of the most profound experiences of my college years).  Then there are various and sundry things like birthdays and the weekly routine of coupons, cleaning and (dare I hope???) crafting.  Today alone, I think I added about 20 things to the MobileMe calendar.  Oh dear.

How will I craft?  Where is my inspiration?


My next project is going to have to be a tote bag for Ella to use at school.  I was all geared up to make her a backpack, but alas, we are asked to use tote bags.  And so begins the “requests” from teachers.  Oh well.  Totes are easier anyway.  And I am sad inside because I really want to make her something to wear to school and I am inspiration-less.  Can you believe it?  I could knit her a sweater… if I knew that I’d have the time to finish it.  I am in no way prepared to attempt pants.  Maybe a cute skirt?  Headband (we’re setting the bar realistically LOW here) or hairbows?

Any ideas?