When you have young children, snack wrangling becomes an important skill.  Snack traps are great, but they are expensive — particularly since they are constantly misplaced.  I do not wish to have an army of them, nor do I have space for such a contingent among our already overwhelming stash of children’s plastic ware.

Enter Create Studio‘s Kitchen On the Go.  I had bookmarked this tutorial with plans of melding it with a pattern for a lunchbox.  I still think I will do it, but when snack traps started disappearing, I changed the plan a touch.  The other day, I whipped up a couple of the snack bags for the kids.  Yes, they take time to make, but not much at all.  And yes, there is expense involved — technically.  But since I have tons of scrap fabric and rarely pay anything for ziploc bags, this is still a more economical choice.  Even if they get lost.

I think I will end up putting little velcro straps on the backs of them to secure them to the car seat straps when the kids are on the go.

Ella likes that hers is pretty and Benjamin likes to eat his snack out of a bag like a big boy.  It’s a winner!