I am trying to build some momentum as fall kicks in.  There is quite a lot of crafting to be done as *gasp* the holidays approach at quite a pace.  Believe it or not, I bought our Christmas cards today.  It was not planned, but I was in Michael’s and packs of 8 photo cards were $1.00 each.  Couldn’t help but grab a few… and some holiday recipe cards to go with the apple pie filling I plan on handing out as gifts.

I also picked up yarn and double pointed knitting needles to make Benjamin a hat.  I have never used double pointed needles before and if you have never seen them, think huge toothpicks.  I am a little nervous but am up for the challenge.

Tomorrow is the first chance the kids and I will really have to hang out so far this week.  It has been quite an adjustment for all of us, but we are hanging in there.  We could use to lay low a bit and will be doing a little fun crafting together.  It is a bit of a challenge to find anything that Benjamin will focus on for more than a few seconds.  To be fair, he is only 16 months old, but he wants to participate and I am hoping he will join in tomorrow.  I’ll be sure to take pictures and hope to post them.  Part of this momentum plan is livening this blog up a bit, too!