I am fully willing to admit that my blog has been extra lame lately.  The problem is that, while our summer rocked, it is not summer anymore.  This means that the last few weeks has brought upon the massive transition to a new schedule and I am barely keeping my head above water.  I am very aware that most families do not get as much time together in the summer as we do and that there are lots of moms that work full-time and have a busier schedule than me.  This is not to minimize that… just to say that this is a really big change and it is taking us all time to adjust to our new normal.  And my youngest deals with change by not sleeping well… at all.  So it’s a little groggy and cranky over here.

My sewing machine is gathering a disturbingly thick layer of dust.

I have plans, lots of plans to make things.  But to keep up with running here and there, housework and cleaning, I have been going to bed at about 9:00 every night.  Lame.  But necessary.  I may not recognize my husband pretty soon.  He is tired, too, and has been immersing himself in football while I crash out so early.

So as I try to pull myself together, I ask for patience for those of you who seem to be stopping by to look at the same old thing.  Thank you… who ever you are.

And I offer you some fun… the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  Sounds fun and interesting.  Lots of people making lots of things for kids.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with.  Maybe once I unearth my sewing machine, I will make something, too.  I really do have ideas.

The button is supposed to be on the lower right side over there, but isn’t loading property.  Let’s all say it together: lame.  So if I can’t manage to get it to behave, here is a link to the original page.  Have fun!