I just made this tutu for a friend’s baby.  It makes me want to cry, it is so small.  I don’t have a baby this small around, so I put a spool of thread on it to show the scale.  Really, I have no idea if it will even fit… just hoping it will be big, if anything.

Ella helped me pick out the colors.  She is still on a pink and blue kick, so we picked those colors of tulle.  I alternated double layers of the tulle, each layer an inch shorter than the one behind it.  The best thing — tulle doesn’t fray, so I just left the ends as-is.

The bow on the back kills me.  I have another tutu partially finished and if I get it done in time, I will make a headband to match this one.  An infant in a tutu needs a matching tulle headband, right?

And if you are a certain Mom with a certain precious baby girl with a name starting with “E”… well… if I can keep my streak up, Baby E is next in line.  ( :  Baby Legs and a tutu… have mercy.