Remember my *brilliant* master plan?   Yeah… well… it needs a little revamping.  Things are busy and for the most part, we are adjusting, but the housework portion of things is getting left way behind.  Part of it is not to be helped, but I got to thinking that if I could actually see my chore list rather than having it stored somewhere, it would help.  I did not, however, want a big chore list in the house.  Our house is small and there is enough going on with crafts and preschool projects and regular old clutter.

I came across this post and fell in love with the chore chart.  Again, I do not desire an entire chart in the house, but I have been wanting to make bubble magnets for about a year now, so I decided to make chore magnets instead.  They work perfectly with the weekly calendar that we already use.

I can place each chore on an appropriate day, and if it needs to be moved, no sweat.  I can just slide it over rather than trying to remember what day I want to do it on instead.

Special thanks to my friend, Beth, over at Sunny Bug for help with how to put the magnets together.

… and sorry again about my photos… we still can’t find the charger for the digital camera, so I am continually working with my iPhone only.