So I knew that Halloween was coming, but it wasn’t until I started to see my friends posting pictures of their children in costumes that it really hit me.  It’s… next weekend!!

My challenge now is to make this heap of fabric into something cute.

Well, two cute somethings, to be exact.  I am winging it… no patterns, just a couple of ideas that I have seen online.  It could mean trouble, but I have my fingers (and toes) crossed.  Like, really crossed.

And when I need a break from the sewing, I will finish a bag that I am making for Benjamin.  Ella has a schoolbag, and even though he is nowhere near the age to go to school, he thinks he needs one, too.  I let him use it today (in its near-finished state) when I took Ella and her friend into school and he really thought he was IT.  He put it around his neck (’cause that’s how he rolls) squished up his neck and shoulders, put a big smile on and did the little Benjamin mumbly-thing that he does.  He was important.  He was going somewhere.  He was carpooling with a bag.  Rock it, brother.