The kids’ costumes are progressing.  I have had difficulty finding the color of jersey knit that I need because, apparently, yellow is not a fall color.  Ummmm… sure it’s not.  I guess all of those yellow leaves are just confused.

After agonizing and bargaining and hitting a couple of other stages of grief, it hit me.  T-shirts.  I marched myself back to the fabric store, back to the craft section and voila!  Yellow t-shirts galore.  Thankfully, Ella is small enough that I could purchase adult XL shirts and have plenty of fabric.  Even better — I needed three different colors and they were on sale, buy 2 get 1 free.  Sweet.

Jersey does not need to be hemmed, because it will not fray, but now I will have the t-shirt hems to work with.  If nothing else, that will ensure a couple of straight lines.  I cannot cut a straight line to save my soul.

Now to find the time to sew!