Fusible web is my friend.  Let’s face it folks.  These are Halloween costumes, not high fashion.  I need them to look good in moderate to little daylight for about 2 hours.  Not that I am trying to be sloppy, but perfection is not necessary.  So rather than hand or even machine sewing certain parts of the costumes, I am simply using fusible web to applique them.  Using fusible web also saves me the headache of trying to freehand straight lines because I can trace what I need onto the paper.  Edges are nice and neat… Momma is happy.

On a side note, deciding to have Ella dress up as an iconic figure is proving to be interesting.  She *knows* what this costume is supposed to look like and keeps reminding me about things like sleeve length and color choice.  So I guess it does have to be perfect after all… in the eyes of a three-year-old.