As I mentioned previously, Benjamin felt he needed a bag like Ella’s new school bag.  Ella was on board with this project and suggested that I use dinosaurs for the interior fabric.  I agreed that it was a super idea, but the only dino fabric I could find was very baby-ish.  My original idea was camouflage, but I failed to find that as well.  Moving on, I found some super cute construction vehicle fabric and coordinating stripe fabric.  The exterior was to remain denim and since I wanted the bag to be a little more boy-ish and different from Ella’s, I decided on making a messenger bag.  Somewhat adventurous since I was kind of guessing at the construction, but it seemed to work out well.

The truck on the front was attached with fusible web (my new sewing BFF) and I added a touch of brown fabric paint for the tire tracks.  The strap has the stripes from the interior of the flap.

I like how the fabrics coordinate.  It is a pretty literal pairing, but still pretty cute and definitely boy-ish.

Just enough room inside for a few essentials, including a couple of diapers, some wipes and a sippy cup.  Score!  Benjamin can carry his own stuff now.  ( :

And carry stuff he does.  This is the best picture I could get of him rockin’ the bag… he isn’t big on pictures lately.  Here, he is trying to tell me to put on his shoes so we can leave.  He seems to think if he has enough “leaving stuff”, he will have the power to get out the door.  Jacket, shoes AND a bag?  Well, I just have to let him go with all of that gear!