It has been about a year since I started sewing on a (fairly) regular basis.  My first project was the Bunny House that I made for Ella for Christmas last year.

Since then, I have gained more skill with my machine, and though I really do have a long way to go, I have learned a lot.  A year ago, there is NO way I could have made these costumes for my kids with a pattern, let alone just winging it.  This felt like a final exam.  I came pretty close to using all of the major skills that I learned over the past year to create these fun little costumes!

My inspiration came from this Snow White Dress at Crafterhours and this gnome costume on etsy.  I bookmarked the Snow White dress the minute I saw it.  I love that Adrianna made it out of jersey knit so that it was practical and comfy.  My plan was to make it maybe around Christmas.  But when I saw the gnome costume, it was all over.  Snow White and a Dwarf it had to be.

This was taken at Ella's BFF's house... she is glowing because her friend took one look at her and told her she looked JUST LIKE Snow White!

Ella’s dress was the most complicated piece, but it really wasn’t that difficult.  As I mentioned previously, yellow jersey is not in season, so I was stumped until I decided to use t-shirts.  Ella is a pretty skinny little 3-y-o, so adult XL t-shirs from Michael’s or JoAnn’s work perfectly.  In fact, the bottom of her dress is just a t-shirt that I cut off just below the armholes, gathered, and attached to the bodice.  Easy, peasy.  The red embellishments on her sleeves are attached with fusible web.  Her cape was an afterthought, but I am really glad that I made it.  It came about because the collar (made from stiff crafting felt) was not going to attach to the dress and Ella really, really liked, “that white thing” on Snow White’s dress.  I made the dress pretty large because Halloween in Michigan can easily range from blustery and nearly snowing to 75 degrees.  Turns out it will be just a touch chilly, so I will probably just pin it in the back.

Benjamin’s costume was super easy.  I just used one of his shirts and a pair of jeans as “patterns”.  The pants are fleece and the shirt is a basic jersey.  Since the Dwarfs’ clothes are a bit worn, I just left the edges raw and a touch crooked rather than stress over them.  The belt loops and buckle are attached with fusible web.  Scott has requested that I make shoe covers for Trick-or-Treat tomorrow.  We will see if that gets done.   Ella had an allergic reaction to the elastic at her wrists, so that will take top last-minute priority.