I *heart* the 80’s.  How fun it is to relive those fashion moments by dressing my daughter in things like leg warmers.  I still remember my leg warmers from second grade.  They made me feel cool and they were nice and cozy… what more could you ask for?  Of course, I want my daughter to feel the same way, so when I saw this tutorial over at From An Igloo, it moved straight to the top of my crafty to-do list.

What a great way to a survive chilly, drizzly and dreary November day in Michigan.


This is a “totally” easy project and Christine’s tutorials are always perfectly spelled out and user-friendly.  In fact, I have made two pair and both of them were done quickly while the kids were playing.  The first pair was made from scrap fleece, but I only had chocolate brown and while that did not deter Ella from wearing them (even to bed), she did request something  a bit more girly.  When I spied this fabric, I knew it was The One.

Go make some leg warmers.  They are inexpensive, fun and nostalgic.