So I might be a big fat liar.  Or I may just be dimwitted.  It is more likely the latter since a) I am getting old and b) I have never, ever gotten over the case of “what on earth is happening??” that came over me when I was pregnant with my first child… four years ago.  Thankfully, I have two friends who are very knowledgable on things like brain functioning and dementia, so if I am in serious trouble, they can let me know.

Anyway.  The lying part.  I just posted on my facebook status that I was done shopping.  Yeah, not so much.  Can you believe I forgot that we still have not purchased the thing that my daughter has had on her Christmas list since about October?  In my defense, my husband keeps telling me he will take care of it.  Well… I am not exactly doubtful, but I am stressing.  Just sayin’.  Needless to say, I have a feeling our dinner date will be turned into a “run for the border” and yet another round of shopping.

Even if my shopping was done, there are other things which are causing problems.  The most troublesome of which are my cookie cutters.  You see, they are being held hostage by bird food.

I had this brilliant plan to make little birdfeeders that I saw over at Saltwater Kids for my kids to give to friends and cousins.  My test batch went well and the birds love them, but the “real” ones are still curing in the cookie cutters that I need to make my cutout cookies.  Frostbite!

I don’t care if my cookies are done by Christmas.  They will get done eventually.  What has suddenly occurred to me is that there are two sweet little redheads down the street that *may* like to have their gifts by Christmas.  And my niece and nephew may like theirs as well.  Oops.

Darn cookie cutters.

** Regarding the bird feeders.  The tutorial states that they may be done in 2-3 hours.  Unless the laws of physics cease to exist in my kitchen (name that movie), you will want to count on a solid day or more for drying.  Do you see why I am starting to panic?  If the feeders are not really dry, they will be too heavy and break when you attempt to hang them.**