I have never been one for New Year’s Resolutions.  Call me stubborn, but I don’t like doing something just because someone tells me I should.  It’s irritating.  And – this may be the psychologist in me – I don’t really find it useful to promise to change something when you aren’t really ready to.  It is counter-productive, sets you up for failure and next thing you know, you are further in a rut than you were in the first place.

I do, however, feel the need for some general sprucing up right now.  Christmas was hectic.  My husband and I have had 2 weeks off of work, which ends up making me twitchy after a while.  I just need structure.  So it happens to be New Years Day and I happen to feel twitchy and disorganized and kind of lumpy, so I am thinking of trying a few new things.

First, I must get some things out. of. the. house.  Ugh.  We have a very modest home and things are getting out of hand in here.  Part of the issue is Christmas, but the primary issue is outgrown “stuff” of two children of opposite genders.  We have two full wardrobes from birth to 4T.  And everything else that goes with it.  The pile of clothing alone that I just took out of my daughter’s closet today was alarming.  We have been blessed to be given many hand-me-downs, but some of them really need to go.  So item one is taking a load of gently used items to the Salvation Army this week.

Another, ongoing problem is meal planning.  My husband and I hem and haw and usually come up with a decent list, but I feel like there could be a better way.  So item number two is a new approach to weekly meals.   I just came across a site called Make 5 Dinners in One Hour.   Recipes are simple and prepped in advance so that a meal of fresh ingredients is waiting in the fridge and ready to go every day.  Love it.  I will be shopping for a few of these meals on Monday morning.

Finally, I am hoping to be a little more deliberate with my crafting/creative outlets.  Last year was a year of experimentation and skill building.  I really did learn a lot, but my projects were a little haphazard and I really didn’t leave any option of making gifts for Christmas, which I would love to have done.  I have a rather intimidating list of interesting projects and I hope to look them over with specific events, such as birthdays and Christmas, in mind.  Maybe I will be a little more prepared this year.

Really, that is what all of this is about for me.  Being prepared.  I like to be organized and a bit ahead of the game, which is not easy with two young children afoot.  And a job.  Etc.

Happy New Year!  Here’s to a productive and fulfilling year!