I finally got outside to play with the kids today and thankfully, it was cold enough that we could play around with our creations from a few days ago.


A fellow “Crafty Dr. Mom”, Laura, posted a picture of her son playing with some of these on facebook last week.  They looked so fun and I knew the kids would love them.  They are super easy to make.  Just grab any and every plastic container you can get your hands on, add water and food coloring (if you know it will be cold enough so that you don’t have melty ice on your hands… it may stain.  Laura used colored bath tablets, but we didn’t have any and I was too impulsive to wait to get to the store), and set them outside to freeze.  Ours were ready the next morning, but I didn’t remind the kids about them because they were getting a bit melty in the sun.  We actually lost a couple because they re-froze and got stuck to the driveway.

Ella is really into blocks right now, and she thought they were pretty neat.  I think I will make a second batch so she can have more building options.

Benjamin didn’t care for them much, which was not a big surprise.  He is far more interested in shoveling snow and finds blocks useful for knocking down only.