January stinks.  I am feeling so out of my crafty groove it isn’t funny.  After the endless inspiration of HalloweenThanksgivingChristmas (whew!), January just seems blank, boring, blah.  It is pretty outside, thankfully.  Lots of snow, decent amount of sunshine, which is rare to see in Michigan in the winter.  Still, I am not feeling it.  Valentine’s Day is inspiring me a bit, but I just cannot bring myself to start decorating now for a not-so-important holiday.  I decorate a month in advance for Christmas, but not Valentine’s Day.   The kids’ birthdays are coming up (ish) but I can’t really go there yet, either.

So I will probably bake.  Not that this is a travesty, but it is odd to me how completely uninterested I am in sewing.  And to keep the kids occupied, I think we will make play-doh this afternoon.

Anyone else feeling a little “eh”?