I have not been here much lately, but I will certainly be back soon.  Preparations are underway for Ella’s big rainbow-themed birthday party later today!  I may have bitten off a little more than I should try and chew.  I *may* be a little cranky and testy.  But I will blame that on being pregnant.  May as well get some mileage of out that excuse while I can.  ( :

And I have to tell you… I have just purchased my first pattern ever.  It is for the new Abby Bag from V and Co.  It was love at first sight and while I love to make up my own stuff too, I need to leave the big time creativity to someone else right now and Vanessa is my girl.  If you order before Monday, the pattern is discounted.  Gotta love that.  Can’t wait to get moving on my Abby Bag and have a cute accessory for spring and summer!