So I finally have the itch to sew again.  I think the warm-ish weather is getting to me.  Problem is, getting to the fabric store is not that easy.  My son is loud and my daughter is talkative, interrupting my train of thought (such as it is) as I ruminate on fabric choices and pace about.  I decided to try Haberman Fabrics in nearby Royal Oak, just to see what they were all about.  Besides, I have an Abby tote waiting to be made and I wanted something special.

The fact that my 4-y-o gasped as we walked in the door should have warned me.  It is a beautiful store with amazing fabrics.  Lots of eye candy.  Not much regular cotton fabric.  I found some that was okay, then spotted a small display off to the side that looked promising.  Clearly I am new to this, because when I saw that the prints were Liberty of London, I got really excited instead of walking away.  I perused, found my soulmate, lifted the fabric to see the price and let out a gasp of my own.  $50.00 a yard was NOT what I was expecting!  I am still in shock.

Guess I am just a JoAnn Fabrics girl after all.  That is sad, because the drive, the pondering and the wait to have my fabric cut is not something to look forward to.  But I will persevere because that bag needs to be made, my friends.  And Ella has put in a request for the baby brother who is on the way.  A “blanket with real (as opposed to panda or polar) bears and a blue background”.   Guess we will be making our way out to the store again soon.