I made my Abby tote over the weekend.  The kids are starting to have long periods of time where they can play together (fairly) unsupervised.  Meaning, I can be in the next room typing this post or in the same room sewing and they can manage not to scream at each other, break anything or injure themselves. Brilliant.  Sunday morning was one of those brilliant times and since the pieces for my tote were already cut, I was able to sew the entire thing while they played.

But I have not yet had a chance to take nice pictures.  She is so pretty, I just can’t bear to take icky pictures.  So you will have to wait.

This week is a busy one.  I work a little more than usual and we are finally taking a road trip to meet my new niece and nephew this weekend.  I also need to make another trip to the grocery store and a trip to Target.  Not that you need to know that, but it is a busy week… just thinking it all through.   And wondering when I will take pictures of my new bag.

And now both kids are screaming (literally) and fighting over glow bracelets that my eldest pilfered from a stash in the closet.  So much for blissful quiet.  Sheesh.  I almost sat still long enough to feel the baby kick.