I finally jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon.  It took me a while and even though I have started, I know that I am not using it to its full potential.  Really, for the most part, it is a whole lot of eye candy to me.  There have, however, been a few things that have caught my eye and inspired me at the same time.

This style of wreath was just such a thing.

They are so simple, minimal and … smooth.  Surely a strange way to describe them, but smooth is a word that comes to mind.  I used a straw wreath as my base, and left it right in the plastic.  It would otherwise have made a superb mess.  I have since seen similar designs with everything from foam wreaths to huge initials, all wrapped in yarn or twine.

I also love the felt roses.  They are SO easy to make.  Just cut a circle out of felt, cut that circle into a spiral, grab the outermost end of the spiral and start winding it up.  It just makes itself into the most perfect little rose.

I already have a design in mind for winter… something to decorate and hopefully take away the blahs that are sure to hit after Christmas.  Unless, of course, I find something more inspiring on Pinterest…