This is another quick Pinterest project that was done this past week.  It was my first full day home with all three kids and my husband was working late that night.  I knew we needed a little something to keep us going and break up the day a bit.  My kids love donuts (shocking, right?) and this project looked pretty simple.  I honestly just looked at the picture and copied it, but I have seen credit given to Family Fun Magazine for the idea.

Here are your supplies: donut holes, Nutella (or caramel sauce, for any non-chocolate people… I KNOW you exist : )), chocolate sprinkles (they don’t really taste like chocolate) and pretzel sticks.

Simply dip a donut hole into the warmed Nutella, roll in sprinkles and stick half of a pretzel stick in the top.  So easy, my 2-y-o picked up on it with no trouble at all.

We had a pretty good assembly line going after a minute.  They were both so engrossed, they didn’t mind sharing.

They turned out really cute… and yummy!