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Time flies and time flees and here we are in 2012 and I have crafted and not posted and good gracious things have fallen apart on my modest little blog.

But my friend and mentor, Laura, is here to save the day!  Laura has a new and blog called PlayDrMom that is perfect for anyone with young children… or anyone crafty.  Laura is a gifted Mom and Child (and Adult) Psychologist who specializes in Play Therapy and posts regularly with the fun things she does with her kids (they are SO lucky!), wonderful parenting tips, and crafts for the grown-ups, too.  She is smart, sweet and creative.  What’s not to love?

Hop on over and check out her blog…. and be sure to “like” her on Facebook.  You will not be disappointed!


Disclaimer: yes, Laura just mentioned me on her blog.  yes, that prompted me to post here, not because she asked me to but because i have the memory of a goldfish and i miraculously had the time to finally log on and tell you about her.  my praise is genuine and unsolicited.  in the words of Pioneer Woman, “Amen, over and out”.


This is another quick Pinterest project that was done this past week.  It was my first full day home with all three kids and my husband was working late that night.  I knew we needed a little something to keep us going and break up the day a bit.  My kids love donuts (shocking, right?) and this project looked pretty simple.  I honestly just looked at the picture and copied it, but I have seen credit given to Family Fun Magazine for the idea.

Here are your supplies: donut holes, Nutella (or caramel sauce, for any non-chocolate people… I KNOW you exist : )), chocolate sprinkles (they don’t really taste like chocolate) and pretzel sticks.

Simply dip a donut hole into the warmed Nutella, roll in sprinkles and stick half of a pretzel stick in the top.  So easy, my 2-y-o picked up on it with no trouble at all.

We had a pretty good assembly line going after a minute.  They were both so engrossed, they didn’t mind sharing.

They turned out really cute… and yummy!


I finally got outside to play with the kids today and thankfully, it was cold enough that we could play around with our creations from a few days ago.


A fellow “Crafty Dr. Mom”, Laura, posted a picture of her son playing with some of these on facebook last week.  They looked so fun and I knew the kids would love them.  They are super easy to make.  Just grab any and every plastic container you can get your hands on, add water and food coloring (if you know it will be cold enough so that you don’t have melty ice on your hands… it may stain.  Laura used colored bath tablets, but we didn’t have any and I was too impulsive to wait to get to the store), and set them outside to freeze.  Ours were ready the next morning, but I didn’t remind the kids about them because they were getting a bit melty in the sun.  We actually lost a couple because they re-froze and got stuck to the driveway.

Ella is really into blocks right now, and she thought they were pretty neat.  I think I will make a second batch so she can have more building options.

Benjamin didn’t care for them much, which was not a big surprise.  He is far more interested in shoveling snow and finds blocks useful for knocking down only.

I am sure you can all breathe easier knowing that the birdfeeders dried overnight.  Therefore, the adorable redheads have their gifts and my sugar cookies are baked and waiting for icing.  (I will post the recipe for those later.)

This is a fast, fun and satisfying project.  It would actually be a superb January-is-boring activity to do with the kids.  For the details, please visit Saltwater Kids.

And yes, I put these on my Christmas tree to take the picture, but they are for the out-of-doors.  Enjoy!

My brother and his family were in town for Thanksgiving weekend.  He has a three-year-old daughter, too, and when the girls are together, I really like to do a craft or two with them.  This time, my Dad decided it was Grandpa’s turn and organized a craft for the girls.

Now… the craft went well, but my original plan was to do it once again, and make some adjustments and take more pictures.  That is probably not going to happen, so I am going to go ahead and post.

To make your own Reindeer Oreos, you will need:

Oreo Double Stuff cookies

Red Hots

Mini Pretzel Twists

chocolate chips


white frosting

Start off by melting the chocolate chips (we transferred it to a bowl for the girls), then dip the cookies into the chocolate,


attach the pretzels and put on a nose,


then use some frosting to make some eyes (the frosting is by Wilton… it is not a bottle of glue!).


The chocolate chips on their own are a bit too thick, so we added a tablespoon or so of Crisco to smooth it out a bit.  We also used regular Oreos, which made it difficult to attach the pretzels.  The girls may not have been able to get them in between the chocolate layers on the cookies anyway, but if I get to do this again, I will use the Double Stuff Oreos.  I would also grab some mini chocolate chips to finish the eyes.

Here are some of the finished products.  Most of them were done by the girls and they are super shiny because they had not set.  We had to go home before they were done. ) :   My Brother jumped in and decorated a few… like the one with spikey “hair” and the one with wrap-around glasses on.


This was a really fun craft for the kids.  It allowed them to be creative and did not require too many steps.  My niece bowed out pretty early, but Ella is very into crafting and stuck with it until the very end.  If you try this, I hope that you have as much fun as we did!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching.  If you are in need of a quick little project to keep the kids busy, hand out to little ones on Thanksgiving Day, or even use as table decorations, try making a little gang of felt turkey finger puppets.


Isn’t he cute?  I whipped up a few from scrap felt in no time (we gave a couple away and I couldn’t find the other one we have left for the picture).

The idea came from Skip to My Lou, always a great place for kids crafts.

Since I don’t have pinking shears, I used a zig-zag stitch for a hint of interest.  I also think it would be cute to embellish the feathers a bit with some stitching.  This will, however, be saved for a day when they last a little longer in our house.  We have already had a feather casualty, after which I heard my son say, “Uh-oh… turkey!” as he mourned the birds loss.    The lost feather was probably from the turkey I made with Tacky Glue.  A glue gun is much more effective.

I also didn’t have googly eyes (bummer), so I used felt for the eyes.  This is probably the only reason our turkeys still have eyes.  Googly eyes are way too fun to pick off.  “Uh-oh… turkey!” again, I am certain.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Last night was a ton of fun.  There were spooky cupcakes:

Fun costumes:

Trick-or-Treating (aka: freedom on the streets):

And awesome moments like seeing Ella super happy, running here and there, collecting as much candy as she could.  She was in the zone and kept up with the big boys.  Then she needed some time to re-group.  I asked several times if she wanted to take her costume off — she had on 3 layers of clothes — but she always said, “No”.   She was, after all, mistaken for the Snow White.

I think I am hooked on making costumes now.  It was too fun to see Ella have such a great time.

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