… and because I am a bit antsy, I made a diaper pouch for Jonathan’s diaper bag yesterday.  There just happened to be enough scraps left over from the original project, so I had everything on hand that I needed except for the webbing to close up the top.

I used a tutorial from Noodlehead that I happened across as I was browsing my bookmarks.  I got the proportions a bit wrong, so the liner is a bit too small, but until we are using bigger diapers, it won’t matter.  Overall, I think it is pretty cute and it will keep the diapers from getting all smushed up.

Now, I officially take a little break from crafting again. In less than 24 hours, I will be holding a new baby in my arms, after all!


There is something to be said for perseverance and determination.  I had to have a lot of it while working on this project, that is for sure.  The idea is simple enough and the tutorial was clear and simple to follow.  The problem is me.  I cannot sew in a straight line.  When taking on a task which requires one to sew about 100 consecutive straight lines, this is an issue.  I also cannot cut in a straight line.  More of the same problem.

On with my story.

I saw this tutorial on Made for a faux chenille blanket and liked it, but had no real reason to make it.  Enter about-to-be-baby-boy.  Then I was so sure I *had* to make one for him.  I didn’t start sewing until after the other two kids were born, so I was really excited to pick a project for this one.

Ella helped me to choose the fabric.  It is not something I would normally choose, but the main print with lime and white on the cobalt background caught my eye (how could it not?).  I gathered my supplies and started to sew… and sew… and sew.  The monotony was actually kind of soothing.  I sewed as I looked out over the lake this summer.  The lines are a bit wonky, but the overall effect is pretty nifty.  Then I started to cut and before I knew what happened, I had cut a HUGE hole in the fabric.  Well, Dana had a hole, too, and fixed it, so I pressed on… and cut about 10 more of various sizes.  But I was determined to finish the doggone thing.

Finally, today, after much heartache, I finished it.

I made some makeshift patches for the larger holes and will patch the smaller ones as they become problematic.  I just couldn’t leave it unfinished.  The “back”, which is the side with the elephants, is not the prettiest thing ever, but the front is pretty nifty looking.

I am not a fan of the white bias tape, but this was no time to learn a new skill and make my own.  Not great, not the worst thing ever.  I conquered.

Here is one of the big projects that I have been working on. It is pretty much finished now, save one minor maintenance issue.  You may remember a diaper bag set that I made for a dear friend about a year ago that I posted about here.  It was one of my first sewing projects ever and I am happy (for me… sad for her, really) to say that my sewing skills have improved quite a bit since then.  Still rough, but better.

I was very happy to be able to make a diaper bag for my own baby.  The ones we have used in the past are either dirty and worn out or just the bags that are supplied from the formula companies.  Yes, they work fine, but have little in the way of personal style.  The good thing is that after using all of them, I had some clear ideas as to what I wanted.

This time around, I really wanted a simple messenger bag design with few bells and whistles.  The pockets always look like a good idea, but I find that they get in the way and collect junk more than anything.  I toyed with making the lining waterproof, but really, that just makes it harder for me to clean.  I constructed this bag and know I can just throw it in the wash without it falling apart (I hope), and I would rather do that than just wipe part of it down.

I also knew I wanted quiet but not “blah” colors.  I have never been a frou-frou baby bag person.  The baby is not carrying the bag, so let’s keep away from embroidered blocks that spell “BABY” and pictures of Pooh.  I looked and looked in JoAnn fabrics and found most of the material to be the opposite of what I was looking for.  Then, hidden underneath other quilting cottons, I saw this alphabet print and let out a little “whoop!”.  Just what I was looking for.

The next challenge was finding the contrasting print… also hidden.  The plaid is perfect and was the only fabric I found that had just the right tones of green and blue.  For the outer fabric, I used gabardine, I think.  I don’t remember for sure what I ended up grabbing.

The strap is fixed, but if it ends up being too long, I can shorten it permanently.  I just really dislike bags that hang on one arm.   The inside has 2 small pockets, one for my keys and one for my phone.  Anything else will pack in nicely and stay put well enough.  (Those size “N” diapers get me every time… they are SO teensy!)

And, of course, any respectable diaper bag also has a changing pad (based on this tutorial).

I may have put the strap on backwards.  Oh well.  It does not matter to me enough to tear the whole thing apart.  The inside is the alphabet print.

I have made peace (for the most part) with bias tape.  Yeah!  It is kind of fun now.

Then, just for the fun of it, I also made the burp cloths (based on this tutorial).  They don’t match exactly, which is fine.  I actually chose them separately, and must have been in a blue and green mood that day.  (My camera really disagrees with the color choices, doesn’t it?  I can’t seem to edit them to the right tones.)

These are a super first sewing project.  They are easy and functional and allow for some fun decision-making.

Here is the whole set.

The final, special touch – I used the letters from the alphabet print to personalize the bag for the little guy.  Now we are ready to go!

So here’s the thing.  I have no energy for crafting lately.  Thing is, I have not much energy for anything.  I am 12-ish weeks pregnant (!!) and with two little ones to run after and a part-time job, etc., etc., well, crafting has gone by the wayside.  It’s bad.  I am not even really feeling inspired to put things on the actual to-do list.  *sad face*  Oh… did I mention I am 35 years old?  Yeah.  That doesn’t help.  I don’t know what it is like to be pregnant in the 20’s, but I am sure it is a bit easier than this.

But… spring is approaching.  Yeah!  With spring, I anticipate energy.  I also am really, really hoping that my morning (read: who-are-you-kidding-it’s-FOREVER) sickness will subside soon also.  With those two events lining up, I could be a dangerous crafty Momma once again!  (P.S.  If you are one of *those* people who never had morning sickness, please let that be your secret.  Please.  I have had it all three times and it is horrible.  I can’t even eat  bread for cripes’ sake.  Just know you are a very lucky woman and I will keep the hormones niiiiice and quiet.)

In the meantime, Ella’s birthday is Monday.  I am doing a few homemade things, but sadly, not as much as I would like to have done.  We will see if I gain some momentum this weekend.  Her party isn’t for over a week, so there is hope.  And her theme ROCKS.  I could really have gone nuts with it.

I am still crafty (dormantly for now), I am still a doctor and definitely still a Mom.  I just have to take care of me for a bit.  Number Three is slowing me down!


I just made this tutu for a friend’s baby.  It makes me want to cry, it is so small.  I don’t have a baby this small around, so I put a spool of thread on it to show the scale.  Really, I have no idea if it will even fit… just hoping it will be big, if anything.

Ella helped me pick out the colors.  She is still on a pink and blue kick, so we picked those colors of tulle.  I alternated double layers of the tulle, each layer an inch shorter than the one behind it.  The best thing — tulle doesn’t fray, so I just left the ends as-is.

The bow on the back kills me.  I have another tutu partially finished and if I get it done in time, I will make a headband to match this one.  An infant in a tutu needs a matching tulle headband, right?

And if you are a certain Mom with a certain precious baby girl with a name starting with “E”… well… if I can keep my streak up, Baby E is next in line.  ( :  Baby Legs and a tutu… have mercy.

Benjamin does not like his crib.  He doesn’t like to be contained and really is not a big fan of sleeping.  However, he is still too young for a toddler bed so we are all stuck with a dilemma.  Today, I finally got around to a couple of projects to try and make his crib a more friendly place.

For both projects, I used simple bandanas.  His room is decorated in a cowboy theme (someday I’ll get around to posting about that) and the common thread is bandanas.

The crib bag is an idea that I came up with after remembering a friend of ours saying she used to put a shower-caddy type of basket on her son’s crib when he was little.  She’d set it in there when he was asleep, filled with toys for him to play with when he woke up in the morning.  I always meant to do it for Ella, but she was pretty happy just hanging out with whatever friend she had taken to bed with her.  It is similar to something I had in the corner of my room as a kid to hold my stuffed animals.  Of course, after the fact, when I Googled it, there are a ton of these available… oh well.

I wanted it to be soft, fairly unobtrusive, and appealing to the eye.  The final design is a triangle-shaped pouch that ties into one corner of the crib.

The construction was so simple… I was done with this project in 5 minutes.  I used three red bandanas, folded them in half to make triangles and ironed a crease.  Then I sewed them together into a tee-pee shape, leaving about 7 1/2 inches open at the “bottom” of each seam.  This allowed me to tie the pouch onto the crib.

Benjamin is old enough that he can have things in his crib and he doesn’t move much, so I put it at the foot of the bed.  It ties in three places, but does not have enough structure to it to enable him to climb on it.  It is just big enough to hold a few things for him to discover in the morning.  A book, a ball and some soft blocks.  Nothing that he can’t play with on his own.

I think it’s pretty fun.  The back bandanas could have been trimmed a bit to fit more snugly, but I don’t think it matters much.  If he likes it and it becomes an issue, I’ll fix it later.

And now for the pillowcase.  Benjamin, despite his dislike of sleep, likes to curl up with blankets and pillows and pretend to sleep.  We had a toddler pillow that Ella has abandoned for the use of a Pillow Pet, so I decided to give it a try with Benjamin.  For this, I used two navy bandanas and the pillowcase that came with the pillow.  I laid the bandanas right sides together and pinned the pillowcase on top, with the open edge lined up with one finished edge of the bandanas and pinned them all together.  I cut, adding a 1/4 inch or so on the three unfinished sides, sewed it up, zig-zagged and it was done.  Once again, 5 minutes.  Gotta love it.

Benjamin kissed it and Elmo looks happy.  So far, so good.

When thinking of what to make for my dear friend, Heather, for her baby shower, I wanted to make it special.  As I perused blogs and crafty things, I came across some projects on homemade by jill (oh, how I am in love with this blog) that were just begging to happen.

This is where it began: the burp cloths.  How cute are they?  Flannel, soft, fringy… perfect.

Then there was the changing pad.  I will admit that it was a bit daunting.  There’s the iron-on vinyl, the bias tape and my nemesis: the zig-zag stitch.  All in all, it turned out okay, but I’d welcome another go at it.

And finally, the tote bag.

The original plan was to make it out of tea towels, but I didn’t come across any that were appropriate.  When I was in JoAnn Fabrics, (in the middle of a snowstorm with time to kill), however, I came across the coordinating fabrics that I ended up using and decided to go out on a limb and improvise.  Since I used basic cotton fabric, I decided to use a double layer of fusible fleece to give it a little heft.  Of all of the items, I am in love with this one the most.  I have a thing for bags, and really, burp cloths and changing pads are getting out of fashion here.  It is a nice, big bag.

Here’s a picture of the whole set:

Hooray for babies!  I hope little Evelyn likes it.