… and because I am a bit antsy, I made a diaper pouch for Jonathan’s diaper bag yesterday.  There just happened to be enough scraps left over from the original project, so I had everything on hand that I needed except for the webbing to close up the top.

I used a tutorial from Noodlehead that I happened across as I was browsing my bookmarks.  I got the proportions a bit wrong, so the liner is a bit too small, but until we are using bigger diapers, it won’t matter.  Overall, I think it is pretty cute and it will keep the diapers from getting all smushed up.

Now, I officially take a little break from crafting again. In less than 24 hours, I will be holding a new baby in my arms, after all!


There is something to be said for perseverance and determination.  I had to have a lot of it while working on this project, that is for sure.  The idea is simple enough and the tutorial was clear and simple to follow.  The problem is me.  I cannot sew in a straight line.  When taking on a task which requires one to sew about 100 consecutive straight lines, this is an issue.  I also cannot cut in a straight line.  More of the same problem.

On with my story.

I saw this tutorial on Made for a faux chenille blanket and liked it, but had no real reason to make it.  Enter about-to-be-baby-boy.  Then I was so sure I *had* to make one for him.  I didn’t start sewing until after the other two kids were born, so I was really excited to pick a project for this one.

Ella helped me to choose the fabric.  It is not something I would normally choose, but the main print with lime and white on the cobalt background caught my eye (how could it not?).  I gathered my supplies and started to sew… and sew… and sew.  The monotony was actually kind of soothing.  I sewed as I looked out over the lake this summer.  The lines are a bit wonky, but the overall effect is pretty nifty.  Then I started to cut and before I knew what happened, I had cut a HUGE hole in the fabric.  Well, Dana had a hole, too, and fixed it, so I pressed on… and cut about 10 more of various sizes.  But I was determined to finish the doggone thing.

Finally, today, after much heartache, I finished it.

I made some makeshift patches for the larger holes and will patch the smaller ones as they become problematic.  I just couldn’t leave it unfinished.  The “back”, which is the side with the elephants, is not the prettiest thing ever, but the front is pretty nifty looking.

I am not a fan of the white bias tape, but this was no time to learn a new skill and make my own.  Not great, not the worst thing ever.  I conquered.

I handmade exactly one gift for Christmas this year.  How lame am I?  Pretty stinking lame.  I did manage to bake cookies for the first time in years, though, so I will consider that a start.  And I made several other birthday and thank-you gifts over the year.  Considering I didn’t even sew prior to that, I think maybe I should give myself a break.

At any rate, one I saw this tutorial by Adrianna at Crafterhours (posted on Samster Mommy), I was in love.  My niece is obsessed with Cinderella, so she was the lucky recipient.  It turned out super cute and, of course, Ella wants one too.  The tutorial is simple to follow… finished length is about ankle-length on an average 3 1/2 year-old.


I am sure you can all breathe easier knowing that the birdfeeders dried overnight.  Therefore, the adorable redheads have their gifts and my sugar cookies are baked and waiting for icing.  (I will post the recipe for those later.)

This is a fast, fun and satisfying project.  It would actually be a superb January-is-boring activity to do with the kids.  For the details, please visit Saltwater Kids.

And yes, I put these on my Christmas tree to take the picture, but they are for the out-of-doors.  Enjoy!

I *heart* the 80’s.  How fun it is to relive those fashion moments by dressing my daughter in things like leg warmers.  I still remember my leg warmers from second grade.  They made me feel cool and they were nice and cozy… what more could you ask for?  Of course, I want my daughter to feel the same way, so when I saw this tutorial over at From An Igloo, it moved straight to the top of my crafty to-do list.

What a great way to a survive chilly, drizzly and dreary November day in Michigan.


This is a “totally” easy project and Christine’s tutorials are always perfectly spelled out and user-friendly.  In fact, I have made two pair and both of them were done quickly while the kids were playing.  The first pair was made from scrap fleece, but I only had chocolate brown and while that did not deter Ella from wearing them (even to bed), she did request something  a bit more girly.  When I spied this fabric, I knew it was The One.

Go make some leg warmers.  They are inexpensive, fun and nostalgic.

It just seems wrong to post about Christmas directly after my Halloween posts, but it is what it is, I guess.  Target was in full Christmas mode today with workers all through the store hanging decorations and changing endcaps.

I have a couple of ideas for Christmas, and am getting ready to start on them, right after my husband has surgery to repair his Achilles tendon tomorrow.  Well, at least I think I will be crafting, anyway.  He will be unable to bear weight for 4-6 weeks, so with a 1- and 3-year-old, I may be a bit lacking in the craft department.

But there will be plenty of inspiration, and my latest love is this idea from Jill at homemade by jill.  Jill is the queen of felt and I think that a felt Nativity Advent calendar would be awesome.

Now to find a way to the fabric store…

I decided that today was the day to finally make the flower corsage that has been in queue for a while now.  When Vanessa of V and Co. posted it, I knew I had to make one.  I promise, I really tried not to make the exact same color, but I wear this color all summer and just love it.  Perhaps in the fall, I will make a new one.

This is a super easy project.  All you need is some wide satin ribbon, felt, a glue gun, scissors, a measuring tape and a pin back.  I will let you link up to V and Co. for the directions for the flower corsage tutorial.

My new flower now needs a place to live.  There is an idea in my head about where that should be, but again, there is the reality of a long line of projects waiting.  Hopefully it will become a reality.